As our Software is made we will post downloads here.


The Aus GST Ad - Download Location 1 (File is zipped)

The Aus GST Ad - Download Location 2 (Cutdown Version)


This ad was made by Brad Smith of Sham Technology but I have posted it here because my voice is used in it. It's a very funny ad and also well done! Its basicly a rip off, of the GST ads we have been seeing in Western Australia. The Location 2 Download is a smaller version of the movie, it looks worse but is alot smaller.



Quicknotes - Download Location1 (File is zipped)

Quicknotes, a program designed to give you the same soft of features as word, but in the size of Windows notepad!


Have you got a program to unzip files? if not then download one NOW Winzip


Just a reminder that all software is fully virus checked!